Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Are you not entertained?

I can't help it. I need to rip open an old wound (in a painful manner, obviously). There have been a plethora of posts about the state of female armour. Like Spinks, who was unhappy. Or KiaSA who picked apart a post by the developers of Guildwars 2.

And yet...

and yet...

I still feel like it's too much serious thought wasted on the decorative aspect of a game.

WoW even has an achievement for those people.

Personally I am sticking with "I want to be entertained, not debate the realistic aspects". If this means skimpier armour on female characters - that's fine with me. I don't look at the male models anyway, if I'm fair.

It's good old-fashioned tradition as well... in more than one medium.

Let's have a look at images number one and two:

Seven of Nine. With a uniform made for... err .. practicality? By a collective of robots with no concept of male or female (err.. or Starfleet .. or something).

And then, of course, we have Storm. Her armour does more to enhance the shapely figure than provide protection - especially considering that it should be yellow spandex.

So what we basically have up here is Rift armour. It looks nice and sexy - and a tad impractical and "unrealistic" as far as proper armour goes.

Then again, we are willing to accept this flying magical spell about to impact a poor hapless goblin.

And this flying gate in the middle of the sky, spewing flaming death onto the ground below.

And we are complaining about the realism of the armour?