Saturday, 28 January 2012

Conspiracy Theory Saturday

Just because I had to think about it ...

I notice several things.

- Little kids are virulent. They meet and greet pestilence and disease whenever they go to Kindergarten (or the equivalent in other countries - is it Playschool in England?). They also tend to bring everything home, meaning that new parents usually have a LOT more sickdays two years after their first child than before (this statistical observation is based on a set of 2 (two) people in my department - me included).

- Kindergarden teachers (of the .. yeah, you get the idea) have somehow aquired immunity. I occasionally see them sniffle, which probably means that a world-threatening bug has been spotted near them.

- There are no oldish Kindergarden teachers. I've never seen one older than 40. They are all young. There are very old former Kindergarden teachers, though.

So .. what happens to Kindergarden teachers when they reach 40 years of age. Why do they only re-appear in the public eye once they are older than.. say.. 75?

My theory is this: They all get recruited by gouvernmental bio-weapons research divisions. That way their natural immunity to everything is put to good use. After 30 years of work, they are paid off, they are made to sign a non-disclosure agreement and they are off to a life in the wild.

I worry now ...