Monday, 5 September 2011

Naming is seriouz business!

I'm annoyed. I should probably have expected something like this, but I'm still annoyed.

Today, while playing (and slaying level 10 brigands) my name suddenly changed. Without me paying for a name-change, obviously, and without any notification. The lovely Virginity is no more .. she is now called something else (something I cannot pronounce, that is composed of around 231 syllables and will be pure hell to invite to a kinship or fellowship).

Now, the rules in Lord of the Rings don't allow very much. In fact, it's so restrictive, that I just have to link the rules here.

Let me sum it up as well, because I can:

  • Proper names and places or close facsimiles thereof, from the story characters or non-player characters (NPCs) introduced in the fiction of Lord of the Rings Online.
  • Fantasy or non-fantasy names from popular culture or media.
  • Sexually explicit, defamatory, obscene, racially or ethnically offensive names or slang.
  • Names of historical or religious significance.
  • Trademarked names of products, goods, materials or services.
  • Common names, slang or references to drug related substances, culture or paraphernalia.
  • Names containing ranks, titles or denotation of power.
  • Names causing harm, mockery or imitation of Lord of the Rings Online players or NPCs, in addition to Turbine, Inc. employees, past or present.
  • Misspelled variations or homonyms of any of the above rules
The ones marked in red are listed as having a "zero tolerance" policy attached to them. Characters in violation of those will not only be renamed, they will also be banned for three days. Now interestingly enough - I wasn't. 

This leaves a few open questions:

1) I'm not allowed to call a character Fred or Andrew. That's what a common name is, isn't it? 
2) Which of the rules specifically affected Virginity? 
3) Who THE FUCK (double emphasis there) reported the name? Really? Is someone that petty? 

Gah. Way to ruin my gaming night. I'll probably reroll the hunter and name her something less ... I don't know... common? 

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  1. "3) Who THE FUCK (double emphasis there) reported the name? Really? Is someone that petty?"

    I'm totally sure it was that guy who's guild invite we turned down. And yes.. there are some really petty tossers out there.

    The amount of naming rules came as a bit of a shocker.. Elround and Viole(n)t are probably for the boot too.