Sunday, 9 October 2011

Glitch: A game where pushing drugs seems to be ideal!

Tobold posted a while ago about Glitch. And because my wife played it and said it was cute, and I had nothing better to do - I gave it a go.

And Glitch is rather cute. You can do all sorts of vanity things with your avatar (like buy clothes and eyebrows and noses - much like Hollywood, really). You can also pursue all sorts of skills and careers.

I spent my first few skill points in Animal Husbandry (for reasons unknown) - which allowed me to pet pigs more efficiently and sing to butterflies (no matter how stupid this sounds at the moment - give it a go. It's actually quite cool). Eventually I figured out how to travel, found my first mines and have been going a more "high tech" career path since.

Miner, Tinker, Engineer, Alchemist and Chemist.

And - much like in real life or the movies - I eventually found out that there are things to make that are possibly less than ideal for your own health. In this case: No-No Powder.

It said not to do it on the pack. It said it was a bad idea. So - for science and against the protests of my wife - I obviously had to take a dose.

Now No-No Powder is actually quite powerful. As long as you are on your No-No-High, you'll not loose mood or energy. You can mine a thousand mines, smelt a thousand ores, repair all your tools and fry a sammich to boot!

Obviously ... there is a drawback. Once you crash, the game gives you limited time to aquire a second (or third or ... a new!) dose of No-No or you will die. Let me bold that for emphasis: You Will DIE!

And this is where the problem begins, because see... there is also an auction house. And there is a certain quest:

So let me get this right. I am supposed to give something - ANYTHING! - to a new player between the levels of 3 and 5. I will actually get rewarded for doing so. And they all have a thousand currants to start with.

So ... what exactly is going to stop me from giving them a satchet of drugs and posting more on the auction house. Cheap. They will eventually get the message that they have mere seconds to live...

Issy does not condone this course of action (approximately 18 seconds in). I don't agree: As they said in McHale's Navy (Paradise Hotel): We'll be rich, we'll be famous.


We'll be arrested. Ooops.

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  1. But yet Issy is also a pusher in her own way, how many times have we been begging vocally for her to hit us with another lifebloom? or we will die. How many times has she not had the goods ande watched us die a horrible and painful death before she cackles and brings us back to life to begin the cycle over again.

    I think Issy should not be calling the kettle, black lol.

    Do it...look upon it as a learning experience for all those Glitch newbies who think a game without violence doesnt come with it's own brand of punishment.

    Let me know how it goes? I may be interested in setting up my own lab with a couple of mules :) Hmmmm...Kitteh mules? :D