Sunday, 31 January 2010


I can only say this .. it was about bloody time.

And because that makes only a moderate amount of sense without the rest of the story - and I'm currently in a good mood - I'll not keep you waiting much longer for an explanation.

Well... maybe a little bit.

But not too long.


Okay.. here goes: We finally killed Sartharion with three drakes up. And I got a screenshot to prove it. All credit goes to Lamagra, of course, as he was the one who diligently chatted up people and made them join. Again. Same as on the proper attempts.

Oh yes.. we cheated and did it the Zerg way. One tank, one healer, 8 of the highest dps we could find in our two cooperating guilds.

Now ... let me post the first screenshot - the one that proves we actually did it.

Unfortunately this also sort of shows that we did not complete it without losses. Or rather... we had more losses than Sartharion at this point. I'd go so far as to say if he had had to run from the same graveyard we'd have been in a bit of trouble, really.

See ... we took a tiny bit too long. Allowed Tenebron to actually land - and had him misdirected onto the tank. The only tank, remember? Well now as long as shield wall holds, we were fine, really. Unfortunately about 12 seconds later I learnt that Tenebron hits for around 25k damage per melee swing. Owch.

Oh.. and .. did you see that firewall and the little elementals and the fire falling from the sky and the general atmosphere of barbeque?

Erm... well... it resulted in this:

All dead. No survivors. On either side. Bit of a pyrrhic victory. Then again... it is really like Brachio said:

This is the Forc (Fellowship of the Rubber Chicken) way. It's how we work ... or rather don't. But we got the job done - and that's almost one of this years resolutions out of the way. Now just 9 times more and I'll have my dragon.


Still in a good mood over this.

Silly how a game can make us feel that excited, eh?

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