Saturday, 9 January 2010

Random screenshot-snippet moment

I thought I'd share a few thoughts after a day of intensive playing. See... when I got back from our extended holidays, I thought it would be a good idea to do lots of instances. Had to catch up on lots of missed emblems of frost after all (and it only occured to me later that it wouldn't work by doing 7 bajillion instances a day... but them are the breaks).

I did the weekly raid quest all on my lonesome - that is, with no one of my guildies for moral support. And I felt kind of bad after we took down Razuvious. It was one of those groups that was half-carried. The two tanks vastly overgeared Naxx 10. The two healers likewise very ridiculously overpowered. One of the DPS was saved to Naxx 10 and had no idea what it meant to be saved to an instance - he could not find us inside, so we did it with 9 people. Two of the DPS openly admitted to this being their first raid ever, they had not been to Naxx before and had no idea what to do. The group was helpful enough about this but ... and I do not exclude myself here ... several players left after the first boss-kill. I mean ... yes ... tank dps was higher than some of the DPS, but for them to find replacements after the weekly boss was already dead would be a proper pain.

Didn't get any nice screenshots from there, though ... so you'll just have to believe me.

Second funny was someone selling his body. No ... not a nightelf priest girl dancing on the ironforge mailbox, a tank!

The idea is tempting... I might have to look into that. I wonder how much money he made that day.

Then we had the guildgroup. This ties in a little with Pugnacious Priests post about better gear. The first two of the new instances were vaguely carried by the tank and healer (Lamalyon and Nandini - one of them is a shaman, so she wasn't tanking). The DPS are all fresh level 80s - one of them a first timer. Lovely people - which gives us something to do, and apparently it's quite a challenge to do the Forge of Souls and Pit and Saron with lowish DPS. Lam sadly had to leave in the middle of the night ... some lame excuse about getting up for work in 5 hours or some such *grin*. I was drafted in there by "the look" from my wife - and found the group good fun actually.

Except that Halls of Reflections probably is not the best place for low dps. We tried. We really did. But even with all the tricks we didn't get past the fourth wave in the timed event. Something I had not noticed before - the next wave will spawn even if you are still fighting something from the previous one. Just like Violet Hold - only nastier. It was only after we decided that our DPS was not enough for this that I took a look at recount.

I have to admit - I love topping the meters, though. Even as a tank. Especially as a tank.

And then there is the same question every single time we enter this instance. Someone will always come up with "Can I take the sword?"

Back in the good old days of Ultima Online we would only have required a thief now. And Frostmourne would have been ours. Well.. the thieves. And he'd probably taken our mage materials and our weapons too. But that is beside the point!

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  1. Hmm Nandini didn't do much carrying.. she was dead on the floor for most of Ick while Lam reduced his hit points with the shadowpriest healing :P

    But yes, it was the first time I actually saw what the bosses did, made a change from blasting through them with 3x4k dps.