Thursday, 20 May 2010

Meet the poison peanut...

We finally did it. More details are available on request, and might lead to lengthy rambling. Especially about minute long introductions to combat, generously labelled "Roleplay" by Deadly Boss Mods. But anyway, let's get the good stuff out of the way first:

Oh yeah. Hail to the king, baby, as Duke would have put it.

So was it any hard at all, I hear you ask? And I can safely say: Yes, it bloody was. Took us 93 attempts from the first to the last (and we're not counting the "oh look, it's 10 minutes past raid end and we killed Sindragosa, let's just have a look" attempt even).

We had a few good ones in between, down to 16%, then 13%... and yet there was the occasional bump in the road as well. The Lady RNG has her eyes on this fight from the moment it gets started.

I had the (dubious) honour of tanking this as the off-tank - and I'm glad to say the fight has gotten a hell of a lot easier with the buff. There is plainly no need to switch the Lich King tank around any more, as a properly geared paladin can just take 50k damage, wobble a bit and then go about business as normal.

One of these days I'll put up a guide on how to efficiently off-tank the Shambling Horrors, I think. But until then - I'll be off to have a glass of sparkly, leaving everyone else with just a two more images.

The glorious team of goodness, and stinky old Tirion (yeah, Mister 'I'll just stand here in this iceblock while you handle all the difficult parts and then pretend I'm a hero near the end' - we are on to you!).

And the screenshot of the actual kill-shot. Which cunningly serves as an overview of my new UI, after some people complained about the looks of my old one. See? Shiny!


  1. HUGE Gratz.. all that swearing at the screen was worth it :P

    You should have posted your two UI's as a spot the difference competition :P

  2. Oh big, big congrats! And the UI looks good as well!


  3. Spot the difference? SPOT THE DIFFERENCE?!? I move all of the raid health frames by a good half screen!

    Oh and thanks :)

  4. Belatedly congratulations!! This is awesome.

    Also your dorf has the exact same hair as my dorf. I always knew you were secretly fabulous.