Thursday, 13 May 2010

Spellpower Deathknight spotted

Do you notice how the expansion is coming to an end? People are signing up for raids less, some stopped playing entirely, some bimble around on new alts every week.

Of course, there are still the usual things to do. Play a little raid, do a little dance, sing a little .. err yes.

So I have found a little side project as well. Something that happened quite by accident. Let me start at the beginning, though. Meet Deathnugget:

Deathnugget is a shiny new Deathknight on the server of Alonsus. When I transferred Snack (formerly Koch) there, I had forgot to entirely empty my bags, and had still quite a few heirlooms on me. Technically that is an advantage - after all, my usual support structure of crafters is gone and I will need to fill up a few empty spots (or actually buy stuff by asking in trade. Yikes! There are strange people in there).

And then the Lich King spoke to me. Oh yes. A special quest, just for me.

And let's just pretend that this looked a bit more official, shall we? From a distance, and with red glasses this might almost look like a quest. And I don't seem to be the only one - rumor has it, there are more of them around. Deathknights who roll on spellpower. This is the real explanation, obviously.
My secret project then: I'll go and level a deathknight. To 65 is the first goal, possibly move onwards, depending on how much fun I have. I'll obviously behave and not roll on spellpower plate if we have a paladin healer, but any other time - it must be mine! Let's see if I can still do decent damage - and if anyone can think of a suitable dps spec with 71 points in one skill tree - let me know. The current plan is to go with blood, because there is nothing you can do wrong in there, really.

I'm afraid he might be right. Time to find out how bad people really will treat me for choosing the caster trinket twice along with the rather stylish robes.


  1. XD

    Hilarious! Do it!

    Hope you have thick skin because you're going to get a lot of abuse >.>

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