Sunday, 31 October 2010

Battlegrounds are FUBAR

Now I know I'm not a battleground person. Or rather - I don't enjoy loosing due to reasons beyond my control (and in battlegrounds there are many - ranging from 9 in WSG to 39 in AV).

However, there is a reason for doing rather a lot of them lately - namely the over 9k achievement. I'm quite close now and the only two departments seriously lacking are PvP (not surprisingly) and 25-man raids before ICC (also not surprising).

None of those are solo-able. And while I wouldn't mind getting the last rares for Bloody Rare and Northern Exposure, those take more time than is sensible either. So PvP it is. I can queue up all solo and then try and get things done. Many of the achievements are actually conductive to playing - use seaforium charges, kill flag carriers, etc etc.

Not all of them, obviously ... but that is beside the point.

The things that annoy me at the moment:

- I cannot get reconition for a battleground if I'm not on the scoreboard. That basically means any battleground that I was not there from the start for. If my name is on the scoreboard it's worth staying - otherwise I might just as well try and get out. Even with the deserter debuff... 15 minutes of waiting over a pointless 18 minute Warsong Gulch means I actually benefit from /afk-ing.

This has bitten me in the ass a few times this weekend - it's WSG Call to Arms - the only one I'm missing for my Call to Arms achievement - and I didn't get it even after we won.

There is a "solution": using /afk after dying (and while dead - should I mention this?) does not result in a deserter debuff. It does, however, mean the next person in has the same bloody problem. Not something I enjoy.

- Random disconnects: Occasionally I disconnect, recieve a deserter debuff and then log back in somewhere else. Nice. I suppose this way my team gets a replacement sooner, but see pet peeve no. 1.

- Achievements are not working. There, I said it (again). I'm doing this not so much for the fun, more for the achievements. I hate it when they do not properly work.

There. I just returned the bloody flag twice! In the space of 16 seconds! How come the achievement tracker pretends I just got one?


Fix this rubbish.

See? I did play a battleground. My adrenaline is still pumping and I am actually angry at things. Rare, that.


  1. Funny you should mention acheivements not working in BGs! Me and a guildie decided to level purely through BGs a while back as a healer/tank duo. We were in the 10-19 bracket and as anyone who has played a Druid in that bracket in WSG knows, I was pretty much unstoppable. We had great fun and I even got my Ironman acheive! Or so I thought :(.

    I actually have a screenshot of the scoreboard showing me capping the flag 3 times (a very nice priest dropped it for me in our tunnel to win the match too!), but alas no achieve :(. Not sure how long those achievements have been
    buggy but mine was wayyy before 4.0.1 even dropped.

    The worse thing was it was the first character I had ever managed to do it on too :(.

  2. Oh well. This weekend battlegrounds didn't work at all in our Battlegroup. The fun continues. I wish there was another way to get those last 80 points.

    On the upside - I regularily see druids getting Ironman, so your chances are not bad. I expect it would be easiest with a healer and a crowd controller as escort :)