Saturday, 16 October 2010

Fury DPS in patch 4.0.1

After a bit of fiddling around with my off-spec, I thought I'd throw in my two gold coins on doing damage.

Basically my testing went something like:

Pick spec.
Go to dummy.
Do 2800 DPS single target.

Regem and Reforge to the best of my knowledge.
Go to dummy.
Do 3200 DPS single target.

Throw arms and legs into the air and wail about life being unfair, russians conquering the moon and the sky falling down.


Go to bed.

Then on the next day, our guilds top fury warriors shared his wisdom, and I - being not above stealing anything - went and tested that.

The spec was alright. Basically, pick anything that hurts people. I'm using something close to this, but skipped the points in Skirmisher for one point each in Blood Craze and Piercing Howl. 2 and 3 in Arms and Protection are exchangable as well. I went for more steady damage over a weird proc mechanism.

I then reforged again. My gear had not enough hit, a little too much expertise, too much crit and some haste.

The ideal setup at this time apparently is: Hit (up to 8% cap) > Expertise (up to 26) > Strength > Hit (up to 27% - the offhand cap) > Haste > Crit.

Replace all the shiny +crit gems your Armour Penetration was turned into with +strength. How costly can it be. Then check hit and expertise. Likely you'll want to reforge a lot of your crit into additional +hit. Leave the haste alone, if you still have crit left un-reforged get more haste.

The thoughts? Hit as often as you can to generate lots of rage. Use the rage to power your attacks.

And the order of attacks?

Above 35%: Heroic Strike >> Bloodthirst > Raging Blow > Sunder Armour >> anything else.
Below 35%: Execute. That's it. Don't weave in anything - execute more.

The >> is supposed to indicate a "much better". You'll need to change from "I must not ragestarve myself with heroic strikes" to "I must not ragestarve myself out of heroic strikes".

Oh and .. Slam? I really haven't found a time in battle yet where it would ever be useful. Use Bloodthirst instead. Or Sunder. Don't forget to Shout and Berserker Rage (Glyphed) as often as you can to gain more rage.

What did it do in my gear? Remember the numbers above? Up to roughly 7400 DPS now (single target). Thats not worse than before the patch - I can live with it.

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