Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Update to 20 Days of WoW - Day 12

Ha! So I did have an idea that Blizzard needs to implement. Or some addon author. Or something.

Have you ever been in this lovely position, per chance?

When you need roughly 140 volatile water to craft something and there are - yes - 140 of them on the auction house. In singles.

What I want is the ability to mark multiple purchase items in the auction house. Much the same as I would in my operating system. You know... Shift+Click or drag a box around them.



P.S. And yes, I know I can buy one, set the price in Snatch to the same price I got the first one from, run a search and then click through them reasonably rapidly. It's still clumsy and horrible! I want a dragbox.


  1. I just use AuctionLite and tell it I want to buy X number of Y. It pulls up the cheapest combination to reach my target number, and I hit Purchase. Voila! Multi-purchasing complete.


    Not what your looking for, but it's what I'm using and it's good for removing all the '1-item' spam into a more easily readble format.

  3. Yay. I think. I'll give AuctionLite a try (probably) - but I'm a grumpy old git and want the problem solved within WoW, preferrably.

  4. Amusingly Auctionlite is what I was using before and its a damn good one, I lost a lot of features it has with Auctionator tbh...but I preferred the data condension overall.

    Either one are win addons that I highly approve.