Friday, 25 February 2011

Now what is a girl supposed to think here?

I was wandering around the countryside... and ended up watching this:

What is a girl supposed to think there?

I think Harrison actually nailed it there. Best not to tread there ... and then, this happened:

Those pygmies really like to party... Somehow I think this music (NSFW) is appropriate.


  1. You screenshotted it?

    I gave you the power of full motion video...and we get 'Morph' style stop-animation from screen-shots!

    Teut is so disapointed :(

  2. I do not have the power! It's only Issy who can do such things.. and she has no high level mage. Ha!

  3. Do you _honestly_ think I'm going to let him behind the camera??? :P