Sunday, 27 September 2009

Random Ramblings of a Dwarf

A new blog. So many options. So many potential customers .. err... readers. Let me start with an introduction then:

This is a blog about World of Warcraft (and possibly - very rarely - about other stuff). I feel like posting comments on the guilds messageboards every now and then - yet somehow common sense prevents me from screaming out load or making too much of a fuss. I'm no Goblin and try to avoid alienating people - even if sometimes someone deserves a good shouting at.

My "main", if you so will, is a dwarven warrior. I greatly prefer tanking - and would go so far as to say I'm rubbish at DPS on the warrior. We'll see if something about tanking ever creeps into the blog - I don't think it'd be coherent enough to make a good read *grin*.

(and yes - that hairstyle is called "fabulous". It rather is, isn't it?)

There are other characters, of course. I have fallen to Altosis and won't manage to keep myself entertained without at least occasionally playing something else. The current list consists of a deathknight, a paladin, a warlock, a druid, a rogue and a hunter. All of them can tank *nodnod* - seriously! Especially the rogue does well for around 3.1415 seconds every now and then.

Now if only there was room for more characters ..

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