Sunday, 27 September 2009

The Sons of Hodir - Again

I presume everyone hates the Sons by now with a passion. Especially if you leveled several alts up already. They provide the shoulder enchants for everyone except scribes - makeing their faction somewhat mandatory to level.

Of course ... we, being an interesting guild, have our share of slackers (and I say this in the most friendly way possible). This leads to conversations like

"I wish I had exalted on (name of hunter). - Why don't you buy some relics to turn in then? - I am skint! - How about doing some dailies for the Sons then to make money?"
It seems "the game" is trying to tell us in the most unsubtle way possible to work for them.

Now according to the guys over at WoWwiki the initial quest will take me to neutral in 29(!) easy steps. After that it's either 27 days of daily quests (granting roughly 1170 gold pieces) - or buying 1560 Relics of Ulduar. That would come out to approximately 1600 gold on Aszune. Both options don't look too horrid, really. And hey.. they sell shiny stuff, after all. Much better than - say - these guys.

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