Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Holidays! And a foreign keyboard... oh my!

Righto. Hello everyone. For the first time in the last three zyears I feel like I vaguelzy got enough sleep. We've been on holidays for a week now, joining my parents-in-law over christmas. Of course, there are minor drawbacks - like us not being able to plazy for a whole of three weeks. Personallzy I think it's doing me good, but mzy wife seems to suffer a bit from withdrawal. This might have something to do with the violet proto-drake. I have a proper 'main' and thus got my merrzymaker last zyear, but her current paladin was not even born then.

Of course... if we ever find a computer able to run WoW over our holidazys, I'll be prettzy much out of luck. She did not forget to bring her authenticator.

Second minor annozyance - the english kezyboard. I've gotten used to mine bzy now - which has the Y's and Z's in a sensible place. This messes up mzy writing more than I thought possible.

But there is finally enough time to work on the things that were seriously neglected last year. I managed a whole of two rather good books by now: Graceling, Wrath of the Lemming Men (third in a series after this and this). I am also in the process of reading a third and there might be time for more!
To put this into proper perspective: I love to read. It's great, but I haven't found anywhere near enough time for it since the baby demands time now and then. How dare he... and why are his reflexes not up to taking my warrior to a 2200 arena rating yet?

We also managed to see a few good films - and I was really impressed by Avatar3D (official trailer behind that link for those like me who can't see videos at work). I had it pegged as another christmas time grand release of little value - what with it coinciding with the release of the computer and console games, the game giveaway on the McDonalds monopoly thing and so on and so forth. It was only after our fearless raid leader and his girlfriend recommended it that we decided to give it a go! And it was so worth it. I mean... yes... the grandparents had the baby and we got three hours in peace and quiet with our own bag of sweets, but the film was also blimmin' entertaining. Complete with explosions and a sex scene and everything!

Soo ... I'll be around, thinking about all the gearing that I miss and hoping for the latest bugs to be stamped out before I get back home in January.

1) I want raidwarnings to work in party. It drives me mental that I have no audio-clue for the party and healer any more when I charge the next group of enemies.
2) I want readychecks to be available to me as the tank. When I sign up as tank, I want the tool. I do not need to be leader (although... I've been a tank for a long time. I wouldn't mind, you know? Just make me leader already.)
3) I want the game difficulty balanced the way Blizzard thinks it's right. No more messing around with it when I am back. We wiped for 6 or 7 times on Marrowgar and took only three attempts on Lady Death-something. I read the same on Blogs that raided on day one of the patch. Apparently there was a patch to reduce Marrowgars difficulty on day 2. Ah well... but finally settle down on something, eh? And while you are looking at difficulty - please make it so that I am not able to outrun the stupid icewalls in the third new instance, trapping myself out of reach of the ghoulish horde to see Jaina die for being a silly wuss. You saw us run, get a jiggle on your royal highness!

Note: This keyboard hates me. Any spelling mistakes you find now are yours to keep and treasure. It's christmas after all.

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