Thursday, 3 December 2009

Nuked from Orbit

I had no idea going for hard modes could be that much fun. No wait.. that's not actually true. I always enjoyed Sartharion 3D attempts in the guild - but we have been slacking a bit lately.

Yesterday, however, we found the time to play around a bit in Ulduar again. Entered with a full group and decided to kill 100 of the little dwarves for a warm-up. We had already decided to go for a Flameleviathan kill with Turrets up, but I think we were just mostly happy to arrive at his starting point in the end. Hundreds of dead dwarves clinging to our bumbers, windshield wipers working madly and long since run out of wiper fluid.

Last week we had managed to get a FL+2 done - and we sort of expected a slight increase in difficulty - but hey.. nothing a team of professionals cannot handle, right?

So the big bad golf cart comes charging at us and we notice it has a few more hit-points. Quite a few more. Oh god, it's gone up to more than 80 million.

Combat starts, people start driving around and doing their thing, there is flaming fire on the golf cart and some burning oil on the ground and a voice in the background does exactly the same thing as on Branns Tribulations in the Halls of Stone. Ramble on and on and on with a droning voice that I tune out as soon as it appears. No usable information at all.
At first, it all just looks nice. There is shining beacons all over the place. Red and blue and blue and green. I wonder what those mean. Long persistance in this game has taught us one thing, however (No ... not that thing about Silvermoon and a horny tauren) - standing in shining stuff is usually bad! (Maybe this explains why we don't do so well on Yoggy).

It certainly looks shiny. No wait.. that does not do it justice. It's bloody awesome! That's better.

Comeon... how often do you get to race around on a motorbike, followed by agressive plants, running from thunderbolts and lightning and dropping burning patches of tar! It's that fantastic!

Of course.. it also is rather hard. We lost people - fast. After a few tens of percents we were a tank down, then a demolisher, then someone decided to cunningly throw themselves upwards on the leviathan to power it down - and got killed. Not without turning it off, though - and when the plants got me, there was only around 40 million health left and I had my trusty sword!

Nevvah give up! Nevvah surrender!

For some reason the thing came awake again before I had scratched the last few million points of paint off the side. And hit back. It hurt - briefly. But I always have to think of the pearl of chinese wisdom: "It hurts to admit you made a mistake - but if the mistake is big enough, the pain only lasts a second". Soooo very true.

We got it in the end... and even managed to snatch a nifty achievement screenshot for the blog collection.

I loved it!

And because the above was a bit content-light I'll even throw in some free hints.

1) The demolishers are going to be your main source of damage. 10 stacks of flaming pyrite are the way to go at all times. There will be the occasional dodging of a flame leviathan charge, but the top priority should be setting fire to the damn thing.

2) The motorcycles are actually your second source of damage - and about the only way to keep those plants mostly under control. Burning patches of sticky tar are the best way to control Freyas spawn. Shoot them once with the sonic cone, then run them into a patch. Always always always prioritize dropping more flaming pitch in the things path over anything else.

3) The tanks are pretty useless it seems. Interrupting the flame vents is only sensible if there is actually someone important on top of the boss, trying to shut down turrets. In our case it was just a warlock, so we decided to let him burn and instead kept one more target alive for the boss to pick on. Distance over all else - the paltry damage of the ramming maneuver pales in comparison to keeping the demolishers safe for one more turn.

4) Anything shiny is bad. Except, possibly, for shiny flaming tar when you are pursued by plants.

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