Tuesday, 1 December 2009

My horse is too wide sometimes!

It's an interesting story, really. The size of my horse has more gameplay implications than I thought possible. I mean... I play a dwarf. We own rams (and everyone knows that a swift ram is always a good thing) and as such the problems of large mounts didn't really hit me. Unlike my shaman for instance, who - as an elephant riding draenei - managed to basically smash her face in on the door to the Stormwind Bank.

However .. that's not actually all. Of course there is occasionally a house I cannot get into while mounted. Usually they are the remote and unneccessary buildings anyway (like Stormwind Bank. I mean... pffft.. who'd want to go there). There also is the jousting at the Argent Tournament. I personally find the easiest fights to be on a small mount against another small mount.

I prefer to ride a ram and fight the mechano-walker-thing, the horses (both alive and dead), the raptor, the chicken and the wolf. The tiger is too long and the elephant and kodo are just too wide. How does this matter? Well.. in my jousting style I charge the enemy in the back as soon as I am able to (in a knightly fashion ... that is.. while yelling a warcry or some such. Not in a cowardly manner like those rouges and mascaras do). I then use the momentum to gain some distance from the enemy, use the jump-turn maneuver (which completely ignores the momentum of vehicles and thus allows me to turn on the spot) and throw something nasty in their face. Tadaa! Two shields gone (for about a second).

However... against the elephant, kodo and tiger this maneuver requires me to ride away further. So far, in fact, that I cannot close the distance before they get a spear-throw of their own off. It throws off my whole fighting.

And finally... the area where I currently have most problems:

Zul Gurub. The entrance to Bloodlord Mandokirs little playpen. Why would anyone go there? For the Blue Dragonhawk mount eventually, and the Swift Razzashi Raptor before then.

The area up to the entrance is pretty easily traversed as a level 80. Inside the playpen are around three groups of trolls or so (only one of which I kill - and them only for safety reasons) and three groups of ferocious raptors. Who drop this little cutie, as a side. And the bloodlord with his buddy Oggy, of course.

The trolls in this area come in the variety healer (called Priest, surprisingly), oddity (called Blooddrinker - and they drain their buddies health to replenish their own?), and DPS (called Guardian - complete with a knockback that sends ya flying all over the place). The entrance is thus a little bit of a tight spot. I marked the four guards up in this picture so it's easier to spot. In theory, a level 80 can ride through the centre two (star and triangle for those too lazy to look up). However - this fails on several of my mounts. The Rivendare Deathcharger is too fat. As is the Black Battlestrider. And the normal tigers and horses. Of course the bloody elephants are too wide.

So basically - I can squeeze past only on a ram. Any ram. A swift ram, a swift brew-induced ram. They just seem to like rams.

Oh yes.. so did I. It's good to be a dwarf, sometimes.

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