Saturday, 17 April 2010

Cobbled for her pleasure

So the snow has melted, but this is still what the place looks like where we live (well... that is not our house, obviously. Just think of the heating cost!).

The upside is that the town can look rather nice, the downside (or so I thought so far) is this:

Yes. We have a lot of that. Everywhere. I have to turn up the radio in the car and it's a bother to walk on in high heels (wait.. that came out wrong. I am told it is a bother to walk on in high heels!).

Now how does this relate to World of Warcraft?

Well.. because of Dalaran. And the people in it. And an innocent comment my wife made today while we did a bicycle trip through town.

See, while I was cruising about Dalaran, enjoying the sights and getting my quests (weekly raid, daily fishing, daily jewelcrafting etc.) I kept meeting the same person on a bike (marked by blue circle). And I could not help notice that Dalaran was cobbled all over as well. And that people kept going in a circle round and round and round.

So how does that make sense? Well... what my wife said was "Ah, I see. Cobbled for her pleasure!"


  1. You have a witty wife. Definitely a keeper ;)
    Thanks for sharing...the comment, not the wife :P

  2. And I've been dropping that remark into g chat when I can... which isn't as often as I would like but never mind!