Sunday, 11 April 2010

Weapons of Mass Destruction

No... I don't intend to talk about anything like this. I'm not even going to go there. My knowledge about all that secret spy stuff is limited to what I can learn from James Bond movies and the newspapers - and both spread the occasional bit of misinformation.

What I want to talk about is the amazing landscape of World of Warcraft. See... lately I leveled my mage from zero to hero (working on gearing her up now) - and of course I grabbed flying at level 60. And that (well .. and my wife and Tam talking about leveling slowly and taking in the sights) lead me to discover a few interesting things.

Mainly amazingly well done sites of mass destruction.


Did you know that (in my opinion, which I can sell as fact on my own blog. Ha! Stop me!) at least one nuclear weapon was used in the history of World of Warcraft?


Not there.

That was an accident.

I'm thinking: here.

Look, I even hovered a little closer to the ground to get the important details.

Well yes, that's just the city with the spires still standing for some reason. How on earth did they build their cities? Tent walls and solid Adamantite Reinforced Concrete (ARC - I like it .. I should probably patent that) for the struts? It does show where the explosion was centered though.

This is a bit closer to what I wanted to show. All the trees bent away from the centre of the explosion, broken trunks littered all over the landscape and all in a neat circle?

Same as above, just shows the effect a bit better. And there is a spider walking around. Which should, probably, be a cockroach, but let's not be picky.

Right. So there was a nuclear weapon used on a broken and shattered city right in the middle of the Terrokar Forest. Or rather on the edge. Or it may have been the middle and a bit broke off - hard to tell with the way the whole continent is crumbling up like an ancient cookie.

Reminds me a little of those pictures:

Now the above is allegedly taken in Tunguska and thus (maybe - queue conspiracy theory music and all such) does not show a nuclear explosion, but I couldn't find any pictures of weapon tests in a forested area. Which may be for the best. Same look, though.

Other areas where someone had to play with more firepower than they were supposed to have?

Oh yes.. there are more.

Orbital defense system, right? Making sure no one gets to play with any old gods while no one is looking? And just to make sure it all stays neatly contained, why not drop a giant rock on their heads when they misbehave.

Not really a picture that describes the effect well. But it looked neat, and I got to put it up. Ha! again. Anyway... look at the two concentric rings in Thorims "but I wanna wanna wanna" stompy picture. Shockwave travelling through rock and all that. I'm sure if you found a site in English that explained our local meteorite crater, it would show a pattern similar.

What does that tell us?

Basically ... don't fret about the next nerf to your beloved main attack. Damage nerfed by 2%? Just try and get your hands on one of the systems other people use to fight their battles. You'll have success on a much larger scale.

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