Sunday, 4 April 2010

How to grab as many eggs as you can at Noblegarden

Been a while since I did this last time, I have to admit - but the same tactics for grabbing as many Noblegarden Eggs still applies as last year, it seems. And quite a lot of eggs are necessary to complete all the achievements it seems.

Now - unlike usual achievements this is one of the few where it pays off to work when everyone else does. This is rather important and based on the spawn mechanism for the eggs.

I'll try and explain: As an example let us choose (entirely randomly - read: where I was the last two years) the quaint little village of Azure Watch. Spread over the entire village are several spawn spots for eggs. Those are fixed - same as nodes for ore and herbs, for instance.

As an example I've marked three positions here (and I'm sure there are better pictures about). On each side of the crystal recreational area three eggs can spawn (Lookity - there is another egg in the top left corner next to the bench - safely out of my reach). Now the eggs behave like fishing pools when spawning.

There is a total number of possible locations (in our example, probably around 40) in Azure watch. Out of those, a total of maybe 5 will have an egg present at any time. As soon as one egg disappears, a new one can spawn in any of the locations. Now if you are being a lazy dwarf like me - and just camping one spot with as many eggs in reach as possible - you don't want to run to all the other places to check for an egg spawn.

If enough people are collecting eggs at the same time, an egg will spawn in your spot soon. If you are alone, you'll have to check all possible locations yourself. And some of those are actually hidden - like, behind a shrubbery or in the dirt or some equally unpleasant locations.

In the snow? Comeon ... the kids will just follow the footsteps.

So anyway.. as long as there are many people running around, picking up all the eggs in a way as inefficient as possible (or at least all 40 locations are camped), eggs will appear in your spot repeatedly and total effort will be low. And limited to following guildchat. Where you can find very politically incorrect gems like this one, then:

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  1. When you're facing the entrance to the Goldshire Blacksmith (with the Inn at your back) there is a tree to the right of the door. If you stand behind that tree, at the corner of the building, you will have access to an egg spawn spot in the plants at the base of the tree, to the immediate right of the Blacksmith doorway, and around the corner of the building to your right. If you're at the corner of the building you can get all three eggs without moving.

    Most people run around like idiots, trying to spot the eggs as they spawn. You stand there and grab them as soon as they spawn and you're usually done within 5-10 minutes.