Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Whiny Post Day

So the overpowered troll shaman decided that we had to have a whiny blog post day. Which clearly is a good idea.

So .. for tonights entertainment I have decided to whine about my raiding experience so far. What I lack in it, specifically. No, contrary to popular reports it is not a night elf in underpants. It is also not a kill shot of the lich king - even though that would be rather nice.

What I am after is constructive discussion after a wipe. Now ... we are a very casual raid group. We raid one night a week and we make decent progress. We clearly are not on the level of play of Ensidia et al, but I don't think any of us wants to do that. Ever. I like some lazy days after all.

We do also have quite a few wipes that happen due to stupidity. My own is glaringly obvious (to myself at least) now and then - forgot to save shieldwall for the third inhale on Festergut again and used it as soon as I taunted? Yeap.. that was my fault. Forgot to taunt on "Mark of Blood" at Saurfang because I was distracted by shiny colours, trying to keep my lol-dps rotation up or because I was trying to save up a shockwave for a blood-beast spawn? Yeap... that was my fault again.

However, we also occasionally have a wipe that is not transparently the mages fault someones fault. And that's where my whine is aimed at. What we then do is run back in as quickly as possible, buff up, wait for a minute to restock on nibbles and alcohol and go again with the words "Same again, just less dying".

That is something I hate. I really do. I want someone (preferrably not me - I'm having Mai Tais at that time) to tell me what went wrong. If that takes 10 minutes to sort through some mysterious addon (or the life report we actually have running) - so be it. I'd rather understand why we wiped. This is one of the few points in the game where I think pointing fingers is not only allowed - it should be encouraged.

If someone told me "You are a blithering idiot for not saving your shieldblock until after shockwave has worn off" it would be hard to swallow. Because I am perfect in all things and my tanking is like manna from heaven. However, once it had sunk in that they were actually right, I would have a better grasp on what's going on. And understanding a fight is what we need to do to be able to reproduce a kill in the following week. Perfectly. Even if drunk.

*takes a sip*

It worked! I got a whiny post! And I think we are all adult enough to actually manage to handle criticism. Of course I also only want deserved criticism - but that is a whine for next year.

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