Monday, 8 March 2010

Single Abstract Noun - and a guildfirst!

Right. It started here, I think. After all sorts of background story (*snip* you've read that somewhere else by now) Tamarind and Jayce and Chastity and all sorts of people set up a guild for bloggers and blog-readers. I think we can pretty much exclude everyone else - even though it's not intentional, because they would not know about it.

The guild seems to be faring ... well... well! All kinds of people are blogging about it now (and I'm sure I forgot some - and I'm sorry about it). Tobold started a whole new series of blog-posts about it.

And I have to say, it's really good fun. Guild chat is lively - which does make a bit of a difference to me. I notice that some days my "home server" guild is almost dead. Two people online, one of them in an instance and having to focus makes a massive difference. All those newbie shamans seem to have time to actually.. well.. talk!

And not only that - pick a random group of five of them and drop them into an instance and you'll notice that they all know what they are doing. I mean ... basically those are all still strangers. I have not played with any of them before - yet the experience is completely different from a pickup group.

For one - no one actually shouted "gogogo" yet, the only DPS who recklessly pulled aggro was Tamarind - and we sort of believe it was an accident. Ask him about his experience as a DPS class in an instance some day (the kill order on Argent Dawn is Skull - Cross - Rest, pretty much same as everywhere else. We actually had to point that out! Someone has played too many healers).

Oh yes... and even with people quite below the required level it was entirely possible to make certain that Arugal did, in fact, die! Because he must.

Lookity. A screenshot of a guild-first kill. I think. And we did it before this Demon kill. Or so I think, anyway.

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  1. This new guild is hawt. Everyone should join.