Monday, 8 March 2010

The one that is solely for Jemmerd.

It is. I am incredibly grateful to our resident old-timer hunter Jemmerd. You see... I've been running Zul Gurub for a while now (not counting or anything, but this was attempt number 49). I usually need to pressure someone into helping me form a raid - otherwise they won't let me defile it.

This time Jemmerd offered to help out. And fully expecting him to go on a mining expedition, I started killing stuff. I had really not expected him to join me in there - but thankfully he did. It goes so much faster if you have a proper dps class along and don't have to rely on the massive protection warrior dps.

Far less than half the time for the raptor boss. And of course, being here for the first time in ages, it dropped the mount.

These are my lovely guildies we are talking about (and loot was set to free for all), so of course I offered to roll for it. I have to admit a certain amount of unhappiness, but that doesn't matter. But look. Lookatit! He just laughed and congratulated me. Wheeeeeeeeee!

All mine!

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