Sunday, 7 March 2010

Random ICC moments

Considering the raid is already almost a week in the past this seems to be ... well... late. However, once again I can only say I love my raidgroup, for not only being pretty good at killing stuff, but also for being damn entertaining.

Let's start at the start. Nah. Let's actually do it all in random order to keep readers on their toes. Yeah, that's more fun. Remember back in the Burning Crusade that average health was a bit lower? Well... not entirely surprisingly so was tank health. See... I still found this old screenshot from Karazhan. Standing in Netherspites red beam lead to a rather impressive increase in health - and you kept aggro, no matter what as well. Easy tanking times. At the time I had used Last Stand just to take a screenshot of my impressive health.

Now in ICC we made our druid do the same. On the pathway from Lady Death-thingy to a gunnery station of extra-fun! When the friendly alliance troops drop a banner that increases total health of all nearby ... well... friendlies, I suppose. The thing to stare at here is our druids health. Almost six digits - I'm sure we can boost him over that by next week.

Back to the fun we had - albeit inadvertedly. I think the Lich King is secretly listening to our conversation. Here, he clearly felt it neccessary to speak up. I suppose the raid chat in Icecrown Citadel is a lot like trade chat for him.

And lastly (enough of the random screenshots soon - promise!) we noted that the developers still have not lost their naming humour.

We were just debating what had killed us after a wipe on trash. First time we progressed past the three princes in the Crimson Halls. We usually bring along Calelad to die for us. He used to have has a tendency to die more often than the rest of us. Didn't work this time. What got us in the end was the healer getting Lich Slapped.

Oh comeon... it amused me.

Ahem. And this ends random screenshot moment for this week. Back to the usual program of cunningly thought out raid tactics and moneymaking guides. Best aquired by following someone else.

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