Friday, 18 June 2010

I may be a dirty old man...

There is a lot more to be said about „understanding things differently“ than it first may appear. However, I do not question the validity of Tams recent post. What I might want to add to the discussion is that _my own_ dirty mind sometimes causes a misunderstanding or two.

I should probably add that the following conversation was largely held over vent, where I make a lot more language mistakes … meh… too much explanation, not enough fun. Let me start again with less rambling.

The setting: Obsidian Sanctum on a Thursday night around 10 minutes past midnight. The guild had just finished their day in ICC and decided to quickly mop up the weekly raid quest. We zoned in, walked around and killed some trash and did Sartharion 25 with three drakes up the proper way. Three tanks, lots of healers, killing the drakes (each before the next one landed), mopping up the adds, heading into portals and finally kicking a dragon into the lava. All went smoothly and we didn’t even have any deaths at the end.

Loot dropped and was merrily disenchanted. And of course there was a drake. Rolling commenced and two raiders both got a 96. At which point our lovely guildmaster and raidleader said “Okay, one of them will get head, the other one will get tail and we’re done!”

Now, I know I’m a dirty old man, but did that sound like she just offered an “a mount for a mount” deal to you?

Of course a part of my dirty mind knew there was a titanium seal involved in there, but still…

I think I need to get out more. Or go to Silvermoon City more or something.


  1. *giggles* Yeah.... Silvermoon can be somewhat of an eye opener for sure! And, in all honesty - we all have those moments where innuendo gets the better of us down vent, don't we...?