Friday, 11 June 2010

Spellpower Deathknight Update

Well. Seeing as it was ages since I last posted, why not start with something useless to get back into the swing of things.

I posted about my mini-project of leveling a deathknight in spellpower robes (and with spellpower trinkets) for fun and profit, didn't I? Turns out that now I am level 62, I actually found the nerve to go in to a few random instances.

Note 1: So far, each group has actually noticed my cloth robes and shoulders.
Note 2: No one has even bothered checking the trinkets - which is a shame, I could have used the haste ones instead.

The comments were not as bad as I thought, though. I'll post a few pictures below. I hope I edited out all the names - didn't mean to actually make anyone look bad *grin*.

The resulting dps-checking actually lead to .. err.. the second deathknight being happy about winning an all-greed roll on spellpower gear. We got a convert to the cult of spellpower DKs! (And before there are heart attacks - no, he didn't actually equip it).

The second group was more on the "WTF" side of things (thanks Calli for that Image). Not so much into the "you're a noob" line of reasoning.

I actually felt bad by that time, so I did explain the whole "I want to see how many comments I get" concept to them. And they also missed the trinkets. Shesh!

Still got to say, Frost Dual Wield Spec rocketh in outland instances.


  1. Deathnugget tops the epeen meter in sp gear!


    Go nugget! Go nugget!

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