Thursday, 24 June 2010

Random Screenshot Night

I think I need to show that our guild is caring and thinks of everyone... so here, have a few random screenshots.

Exhibit the number one: A sock puppet.

See, I get to play adds tank on the lich king fight. So I'm all alone in my corner of the platform with just stinking horrors and a ghoul or two. So my lovely guild put a sock puppet down next to me to keep me company. *snif* I really appreciate it, guys.

Exhibit the number two: Our deathknight tank.

He always looks big and mean and scary, so to cheer him up on the Algalon fight - he got shiny bunny ears. Doesn't he look lovely with them?

Exhibit the number three: Our warlock for the day.

He told the lich king (in a stern voice, I might add) that he'd be draining his soul as punishment for his misdeeds. Well done, says I!

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