Friday, 9 July 2010

And now for something completely different - Part 1

Part 1 - see what I did there? Keeping you all in suspense while you wait for part 2. Oh cunning, cunning me.

Anyway. Today, class, we'll be talking about tanking Sindragosa. More specifically - why on earth were we so silly to switch the tank in front of her face in phase 2.

Let me illustrate something nifty with a picture or two - after all, a picture says more than a thousand words and only uses about six-thousand times as much memory.

So this is roughly what the fight looks like in phase 2 (10-man displayed here). An angry dragon is on the ground, pulsing frost damage, rending and tearing (and cleaving - never forget about the cleavage) and she occasionally breathes fire frost. The frost (while welcome at a time like this, with temperatures outside in the gazillion degrees) slows down the tanks' (and hopefully not some stray dps) movement speed. Running behind the iceblock while a second tank rushes up, taunts here in the face, possibly eats half a frostbreath is thus not really the ideal solution.

And I still can't believe we didn't figure that out earlier.

So basically the cunning trick is to park the second tank on her right hind leg (as indicated above nicely by a red circle. No the other red circle. The one on the right hind leg! Yes... that one!) and have him step under her tail just before the taunt. The iceblocks are close, not much running is involved and the tanks get a really enormous visual indicator of aggro.

Frostbreathing dragonface? You got aggro!
Ginormous Dragon Arse? The other tank has her attention. Go and have an icecream remove your stacks.

Now I can see how the above image is possibly a bit confusing, so here - have another one.

See the positions now? One tank and one iceblock per side. No need to run (for the tanks) from the head to the ice and back - just a simple taunt, tank, wait, sidestep, getridofstacksnownownowohpleasedon'tkilltheiceblockalreadywhewokay, taunt, etc.

Easy peasy.

Why did we not think of this before?


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  3. *nodnod* Thank for share, it is very important

    ps Did you get our 3 year old to do the text on the pictures? :P

  4. A shame I had to remove the previous two pr0n-links. Note to commenters: The line "thanks for share, it is very important" does not actually make me not delete the pr0n.

    And no! I can do fine illustrations like that all by myself!

  5. Omg, genius.

    Also classy illustration there *nods*

  6. Nice illustrations indeed. And a really smart tactic too! :-)