Thursday, 29 July 2010

The good old times

Right, so this post was inspired by playing a rogue again. Not a rouge, not a mascara- but if you were looking for information on either, here is a link. Don't ask me about the validity of it, I try not to use too much makeup. Doesn't go with the beard stubble.

Anyway, I played another rogue because I wanted to find out if I am still crap at it (yep, nothing changed) and if I could improve my gameplay of one (hmm. Not so far). I am trying out the guides posted by Samuel Tempus over at Slice and Dice. Combat clearly is the way I was meant to play - no thinking, just charge in and bash it to death. Just like a paladin, or deathknight, or warrior.

Except - I die a lot.

Subtlety is the most fun to play. I seriously enjoy taking somethings health out halfway in one ambush, then beating the rest to pulp - except the damage output is laughably pathetic in instances. Or maybe that's just me.

However - and this is where the post cometh from - there are class quests for rogues. Several, in fact, and they are actually great. Now the warrior quests for the defensive and berserker stance are okay, but the rogue ones are something entirely more flavoury.

There are probably a few I will get in the future (I seem to remember one about disarm trap?), the first two being a lockpicking quest and something in Westfall.

In this case, scout out a tower with an evil archmage (or some such) - steal a key from one of his guards (killing it doesn't work), abuse their weakened backsides (they die instantly from Ambush or Backstab) and finally pick the lock to his chest and grab his notes. Really really good fun.

And then you get poisoned.

With one of the old things.

Remember those diseases in Stratholme that made everyone but paladins and dwarves curse? They lasted ages.

Not quite as bad as this one, though. All the major rogue abilities taken out for a week. Of course you can get rid of it by dying (and that was, in fact, a recommended tactic back in the day) or you might find a friendly healer. But if you are a lone wolf (well, lone vegetable, in this case, but that is beside the point) you are out for a rather fun quest.

First you get told that no one can be a proper rogue without knowing about poisons. So far, so good. Apparently you can not train the poisons skill without having to do this quest, but pfft. Then you are told to get yourself checked out in the basement. By a proper doctor, which the rogue guild just has on hand. Yay for forward planning!

This quest actually required you to emote at the NPC. I don't know how many others there are - I think there might be one more? Not sure.

And then there is a conference with his collegues and off you go to collect a cure.

Oh yes... his partners in crime:

A stone statue and a squirrel. And they told me I smell. Wonderful.

Whee.. back to playing, though. This is fun.

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