Saturday, 14 August 2010

GM Support at my worst

Yeah no, that is no spelling error. See... it's like this. About two weeks ago I thought I'd jump onto my little warrior once more and bash some heads in. After all... a fully heirloomed up cow-of-doom should have a fun time.

Logged in, found my favourite axe in my bags, and off I trundled. It was only after the first few fights that I noticed my studly bare chest and the rippling six-pack.

Which ... err... made me go and look for my armour. Seems they not in the mail of any of my other characters. Nor in the mailboxes. And I checked all the platewearing classes. Suspicion aroused, I even made my deathknight finally walk down into "Whateverville" to the mailbox. Didn't steal the horse even - mail was more important. No armour.

So ... I sent a GM ticket. Asking if I had lost my heirlooms in the mail. And got a reply back that they would not reimburse items that they could not determine I had lost. Meh.

So .. I sent another mail. With more detail - oh yes!

And look, I got a reply within minutes. A reply basically saying "you are a silly bugger, go and check your characters properly". Which is ... well deserved. I might have to look into an addon that gives me a searchable inventory for all my alts.

And not Arcinventory. I hate it.


  1. Hehehe

    You may wish to try altoholic if you want to search all your alts.

  2. ALTOHOLIC. Use it, live it, love it. :D