Saturday, 28 August 2010

Your Soul belongs to the Lich King

Just a little heads-up. Because I am a curious person. And I keep hearing my raid leaders say "Whatever you do, when you die on the Lich King fight, do not release until we tell you to" (and yes, you can hear the 'bold' in there).

When you all die and the Lich King starts doing his little ressurection spell there actually is a "release" button on your screen.

Looks like this:

But when you try and actually press that release button you get that message there: "Your soul belongs to the Lich King". So unless you miss the ressurection, you're actually safe. No one can fuck up mess up this part. And from there on out, it's all smooth sailing anyway.

P.S. Sorry if I spoilt it for you. If you somehow managed to get this far into the expansion without learning that you get killed at 10% and then ressurected I am amazed. I feel with you. And I truly am sorry for ruining it. But hey... we sometimes learn things even though we do not want to - like "sex can lead to babies" and "fire is hot". Disappointment is just another part of life, eh?

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  1. no actually, that's such a relief! I'm always frantically warning new about-to-be-Kingslayers not to release, thinking that they would miss the kill and miss out on the achieve.
    And now I know better.