Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Who does the Lich King remind you of?

Well that is a serious question right there - and how did it come up? By accident, I assure you.

My lovely wife asked me what our baby was watching downstairs - and me, being the good husband that I am, answered instantly (while still reading Tams post) with no thought about what I was actually replying to, what the question was or anything else (It's like that "Does this dress look my bum look fat?" questions - you are not afforded time to think, you are required to answer instantly with a resounding "No! Of course not!").

My reply? "The Lich King"

Which .. err.. was not technically true. Our baby does not have a privately made home video of a WoW-celebrity in the video cassette player (there - showing my age again, ah well).

What he actually was watching was Winnie the Pooh.

Now admittedly, there are some differences. However, just to prove that I was not totally demented, let me offer a list of things where Winnie the Pooh and Arthas, the Lich King are very similar.

5) Both rely excessively on one item for their power (or stoutness) - Honey and Frostmourne, not neccessarily in the order of the two listed figures.

4) Both are shown wearing the same old suit forever. Arthas in his black armour since his first appearance in Howling Fjord, Winnie in his grubby red t-shirt.

3) Both have a tendency to mock their devout servants recklessly and possibly without noticing. In the case of Arthas we are talking about the "You have served me well, Drakkuru, by leading these heroes here" line, in the case of Winnie we're talking about the "This could also be named Pooh and Piglet corner, if it wasn't longer and thus not as good".

2) Both are a bit stout. Seriously.

A little less "letting your minions do all the work for you", a little more exercise, perhaps?

1) And finally: Both speak with a voice as if they had a cold. Examples? Sure... here is the official WotLK trailer, and here is Winnie, stuck in a hole.

I wonder ....

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