Friday, 12 February 2010

Halls of Stone - and all random, too!

I think it's time for a PUG story again. Haven't had one in ages. See... today I logged in my little druid tank and thought I'd work on my 4-piece tier10 bonus. Which will take another 120 days, but that is beside the point.

I got the Halls of Stone loading screen (always a bad sign), but at least the group said Hello and such. About a normal start for my battlegroup, I think. We then started on pulling the trash and I kept loosing aggro to the Shaman in the group - who had a tendency to open with chain lightning.

I thought about saying something. I thought I could up my threat a bit. In the end I have to admit that I just thought "Ah well - if I have a spare taunt I'll get them back, if I don't he can handle them". I was in a bit of a grumpy mood because of computer problems on the side - but hey... I didn't shout and scream. Anger management in the Arms tree seems to be working (for the record: yes, I am aware that's not a druid talent. Don't shout, please).

We moved all the way to the crossroads when the mage group-leader said "Can I go afk for a moment to make brunch". Another down-point, I thought. How were we supposed to do this properly if people weren't even taking Halls of Stone seriously. Our healer asked him to go and wait till after the instance, though.

I did, however, check recount. Just wondering if loosing the mage would make a big difference. What greeted me was something like this:

Not exactly this - I forgot to take a screenshot in the middle of it. But close enough. Somehow our shaman was putting out nearly 6k dps in a 5-man instance. I didn't even think that was possible.

All pulling of trash-aggro was forgiven - but I decided I needed better gear, so I dragged the whole bunch all the way to Krystallus and the Maiden.

We got a new speed record on the maiden - 19 seconds - which I thought was rather impressive, but once again I completely failed to check recount at that point.

Moved on to the Brann things and took a whole 5 minutes for the Tribunal of Ages encounter. I'm sure they were slacking! *serious look*

Err.. and then we got to the last boss. I was saying something like "sorry to drag you to all bosses" because they had obviously better gear than me - and they were really nice about it. Which in itself is amazing, but even more so considering I had spoilt someones brunch.

Erm yes... Sjonnir. It was quick. It was simple. But I didn't pay attention to recount again. Until I heard the shaman say "You sick bastard". It did sound like a compliment. Really did. So I did the /recount toggle.

The mage said "Bossfights are fun" and sort of explained he had been sleepwalking the rest of the instance. Err.. okay. What I said earlier about not taking instances seriously! But... wow. No really. Wow.

I think I'm a complete fanboy now. Some gnome complained about there not being enough good PUG stories. I have to say - this one is not nearly as entertaining as some of the failpugs I've read. But I'm still all wow about it.

And as special feature. Dear Gnome: it was a mage wud did it!

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