Tuesday, 9 February 2010

The one who was imba

Now this was supposed to become an epic post - a post that generations of bloggers would look back to and say "Oh my - how witty this post is. How brilliant he provided a counterpoint to the person in chat. How he cunningly managed to draw forth the utter hilarity of the single sentence in chat and still let the person saying it keep their good graces."

However... it was not to be. See... Tamarind started a post about raiding again - basically after he had decided to cut down on it all. And he made a few rather interesting points about people putting "imba group" or the likes into their adverts.

I agree with him, obviously. Mentioning an "imba" group before the start of said group seems strange. Even more strange are the groups saying something like "Looking for 3 more ICC: three healers. First boss down - imba group". When three healers leave after one boss the group may not be as ...


Now that I think about it. What does "imba" stand for anyway?

Intriguing. According to Wikipedia it is short for the Institute of Molecular Biotechnology in Austria. They even have a logo up on their site.

That makes a lot more sense actually. So an "Imba" group basically means a group of people from the institute of molecular biotechnology forming in their spare time. As with any big company the employees are probably spread out over a number of guilds. This is their way of forming a cross-guild group to chat about on their next lunchbreak.

And this specimen...

well.. he was just the only one online that evening. Poor guy. Probably hoped to draw some secret alts of his collegues out of the woodwork.

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  1. Mmmm Imba Group.. need to get 1/3 of their raid rebuilt at the 2nd boss...

    5 casters and 2 healers.

    Well at least we know who isn't imba enough to be in their group