Saturday, 6 February 2010

Semi-useful warrior macroes

I just moments ago met someone in need of warrior macroes. And - of course - I was not on a warrior myself and usually make mistakes when typing macroes. So I couldn't copy and paste and it's all horrible.

Cunning plan! If I post my own macroes here - I can access and copy them. Huzzah!

So ... useful macroes for warriors. Part 1 (just in case I ever feel like posting a part 2):

1: Advanced Mobility

/castsequence reset=15 Charge, Intercept

/cast [help] Intervene; [target=targettarget, help] Intervene;

What does it do?

This macro assumes you have Warbringer in the Protection tree - and your charge has a 15 second cooldown. If you have a hostile target targetted it'll try to charge. If you used your charge in the last 15 seconds it'll try and intercept instead.

If you have a friendly target targetted it'll intervene - and even if your current target has a friendly target targetted it'll try and intervene. With the usual range issues, of course, but this'll make moving around easier. Click something, hit the macro and watch your little warrior zoom off.

2. Interrupt Focus Target


/cast [button:1] Pummel [button:2,target=focus] Pummel;



/cast [button:1] Shield Bash [button:2,target=focus] Shield Bash;

or at range:


/cast [button:1] Heroic Throw [button:2,target=focus] Heroic Throw;
What does it do?

If you click the icon with your left mouse button, it'll hit your normal target. Click the button with your right mouse button and it'll hit your focus target. You'll need to set a focus target first, obviously - there is space in the keybindings for just this action.

Extra note: This same macro also works nicely for Revenge, Shield Slam and Devastate. Especially handy if some friendly DPS is laying into your second target on a two-boss fight (like Skarvald and Dalronn in Utgarde Keep). Make one your focus, the other your main target and you can occasionally slam a shield into your secondary targets face.

3. Extra threat on a fast-hitting boss?

#show Retaliation

/script UIErrorsFrame:Hide();
/cast [stance:1] Retaliation; Battle Stance
/cast Defensive Stance
/script UIErrorsFrame:Clear();
/script UIErrorsFrame:Show();
What does it do?
Well.. if you are not in Battle Stance the first press of the button will take you there. If you are already in battle stance (or on the second click) it'll cast Retaliation. A third press will cast Defensive Stance. If you have the time for three keyclicks you can use this during a boss-fight to get some extra threat in on the next few hits. I'd recommend using it when the boss is casting something lengthy (like, say, Slimespray on Rotface).
Note: the /script commands are supposed to supress error messages when you hit the macro repeatedly.
4. Triggering a trinket with your main damage ability
#showtooltip Shockwave

/script UIErrorsFrame:Hide();
/use Sphere of Red Dragon's Blood
/script UIErrorsFrame:Clear();
/script UIErrorsFrame:Show();
/cast Shockwave

What does it do?

I tended to forget using my "on use" trinket abilities whenever they came off cooldown. The "Sphere of Red Dragon's Blood" was such a thing. With the above macro the trinket will be used every time you use Shockwave. Of course - it won't always be off cooldown, but as this is an ability used very early in a fight (usually) this means you'll try and get your extra attack power running every time.

Note: again - the /script commands suppress error messages. In this case the "this trinket cannot be used yet, you silly dwarf".

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