Saturday, 6 February 2010

What a long, long, long (and sometimes annoying) trip it has been


That's all I can say.

I really enjoy hunting achievements - usually. In this last case I was getting a bit upset however. You see.. last year I had been participating in the Love Fool events, obviously. I was handing candy to the guards and kissing innkeepers and whatnot. However - I never once got my hands on a bag of sugar.

This year, all is different, luckily.

Luck is no longer required. All the "rewards" used for the achievements are bought from a seasonal vendor. The Love Tokens used to buy them are rewarded from daily quests - and the set of quests to give a love bracelet to your faction leaders is incredibly easy.

The "Lovely Charms" drop off (apparently) any enemies that give experience. I found the Crown Sprayers just under Dalaran to work exceptionally well - mostly because the area is on extra-super-fast-respawn due to all the questers in the area. Drop rate was not 100%, but certainly quick enough to grab some of the Charms in no time.

Once I had given my Bracelet to Magni and Varian I had 10 Love Tokens. And it was time to go shopping.

Well.. and without much ado the rest of the story as a picture book:

Be mine - as pointed out above - was the last one missing.

The letter of introduction from Alexstrasza is not quite as impressive as the one for the red proto-drake, but it is neat nontheless.

And now tell me ... does this thing look like it can go faster than all my other mounts? No. Does it look as hard to come by as the red proto drake? No. Will I still be using solely this one from now on? Well yes... but you can tell I don't give much about looks from my fabulous haistyle.

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