Wednesday, 10 November 2010

I admit, I am a bit overzealous for spelling sometimes...

Right. We need to conjure up the right setting for this post. I was a bit torn between posting it and .. well.. not to, but there is this nagging doubt.

*chop chop choppity chop chop* (this is important, remember it)

To start with - we had our usual guild sunday in Molten Core and Temple of Ahn'Quiraj. We walked through the place skipping non-essentials (trash in MC, Visidius the blob of "we need many attackers" in AQ40) and finally finished the instance with only a few dead people. I was playing my little mage for a change - because there was still talk of bringing frostbolts before we noticed we were only five.

The tentacle dropped. Always a bonus. We had not changed the loot options - and they were still set to group loot - and the only options available to me was "greed", "disenchant" and "pass".

Great, thinketh I, they finally noticed that this is not an item that should be needed on by anyone. It's flavour, it's colour, it's fun! This is what great items should be about!

Our Shadowpriest had the same options, also chose "greed" and then we saw a lot of "needs" scroll by. From the paladin, shaman and druid.

This might have lead to shouting and screaming were it not a guild group - as it was we congratulated our paladin on his new squishy tentacle and didn't think about it much. Until a little later, when our shadowpriest spoke up and said: "Hey wait a moment - I didn't even have the option to roll need".

*chop chop choppity chop chop*

Well.. thinking about it like that.. yes, it seems cloth wearers did not get to roll need. Odd. For a trinket?

Ticket time!

I got a GM response surprisingly quickly - took only about 15 minutes as opposed to the usual three days at the moment. *choppity chop*

And the GM was friendly and helpful, but ...


Line 1: Obvious macro with a %t for name of caller. How do I know this? It appeared quickly.
Line 3: "How r you?" err... sticky a and e keys? Spilled some coffee? Okay, that can happen.
Line 5: ":-)" Seriously? I mean.. yes... internet chat and email are supposed to be less formal, but seriously? Maybe I'm getting too old for this.

Line 6: Finally. We get to the good stuff and the spelling has improved. At the cost of typing speed. It is a shame the GM Chat does not display timestamps, but goodness gracious that was slow. I can probably exceed the typing speed with one finger. Okay... new person.

Yes, then there was a predesigned response that did not actually check into what item I had linked. The "you should have read the manual" response. I completely accept that - my phrasing was probably not entirely clear, although I usually try.

Last line in the image: "Did someone won the item?" ... yes, I and O are right next to each other, but at the speed of typing there must have been time to spellcheck. Minutes!

It went on for a bit (and I'm cutting the rest here, because there really is a lot of information exchange that is entirely boring and useless to the point of this post *Thudda thudda thudda* - is that getting louder?).

There was some more macro use (specifically the two farewell phrases - both spelt accurately and used quickly) and I generally felt like I had got a gamemaster new to the job with little actual understanding of what was going on. Not the first one in the last week.

And here is the point:

Is Blizzard giving me more useless gamemasters to make me feel happy about paying an extra fee for superior support in the near future?

Is that it?

Am I being "prepared"?


Oh look. Black helicopters with a Blizzard/Activision logo on the side. I wonder why there are lots of people fast-roping into my garden....

I guess I'll go and ask. See you laters!


  1. If only this were a standalone case...

    *shuts the door behind you* :P

  2. A very well put post :)

    On the plus side, I've only ever had GM's that can type faster than me...and they usually give better answers lol

    Let's hope it's isolated.

    On the negative side...I clicked your vid link to Charlie Angels, watched it, laughed...then saw the title of the next video.

    "Midnight Meat Train!! uncensored w/ Carrie Keagan!"

    I've no idea who she is, but I'm about to board a train and find out :)

  3. I know this isn't the point of the post but that's a shite trinket. Who would want to summon a VANQUISHED tentacle? He would be rubbish, he'd just sit in the fight, crying and going "waaaah! I've been vanquished." I'd like to summon a tentacle that still has some fight left in him, please, proud, throbbing and ready for action.

  4. @Tam, I'll have you know that my tentacle is in fact proud, throbbing, and ready for action.. every 3 minutes baby!