Sunday, 7 November 2010

New Tip of the Day!

Err. Maybe it's not actually new, but I found a lot of tips lately that I had not seen before. Possibly because I never pay attention. Maybe it's all because of the insanely long loading times at the end of my blue bar after I crashed (minutes, several of them).

However, when I started my game today I saw this lovely boob err.. girl TIP!

Made me think of Tam MD, of course. I might just have to pay a bit more attention to them in the future. The tips, not the other things on that page!

Oh and... does anyone know if there is a clever list of those Tips of the Day for me to read? The one on Wow-Europe I found is a tad outdated.


  1. "If you press while your cursor is over an item slot on your character, you can produce a list of items that can be equipped in that slot."

  2. Ahaha - it should really say CLICK ON THE LIGHWELL YOU BASTARDS!!!

  3. I know I get hit on the head a lot as a tank - but I'm actually able to tell a shoe from a weapon most of the time, Teut.

    Strange hint that :p

  4. A tad late commenting on this one, but along with the "lightwell" tip, one of my favorite new ones proudly exclaims "Don't stand in the fire!". (sorry, I have no screen shot of it) I think it's kind of funny, and sad at the same time, that they had to make that a tip.