Monday, 15 November 2010

My wife says "Size matters"

...and who would I be to disagree?

Just in case anyone has missed it, though - she was complaining recently about being not exactly well endowed. In the height department, that is. The buns were fine!

Just to compare sized here (out in the open, on a blog, with pictures - what else could we do), I decided to quickly check myself.

I mean - yes - compared to a tree, for instance, a cute little gnome warlock is rather on the short side.

However, by choice of the perfect accessories, a bit of hairspray and a dab of lipgoss any gnome can be talled than a simple peacebloom.

Really now.



Lookity here: Proof!

I completely agree. Size matters! But sometimes appearance can help - especially under bad lighting conditions and possibly with the help of some fermented drinks.


  1. The peacebloom can consider itself defeated in the height competition! Well, as long as you keep that hair-do ;)

    Maybe get some Giant Feasts, keep eating until you grow :)

  2. Legendary Phallus Hairdo FTW!!!

    Your buns look good too btw :)

  3. I guess this is why gnomes get larger mounts than everyone else, to compensate for their lack of hairspray :)

  4. That was my solution to the problem too! It was not a height issue, it was a hair issue!