Wednesday, 21 October 2009

A bet that makes me stare in wonder

So the two worst people players in the history of the guild are running a bet: Is it possible to level a shaman from level 15 to 80 in two weeks time. If participant one (henceforth referred to as Madilma) manages the feat before a certain date, participant two (henceforth referred to as Calo) will have to wear a dress and post pictures. If he fails, it’s the other way round.

Looking at my own shaman at level 44 with a rather miniscule playtime, I’d have to say “Err what? How is that even a challenge?”. Makes me wonder if Calo actually likes wearing dresses? However, we are talk-ing about the person who made me write a special macro just for him in the bad good old days of the Shadow Labyrinths. One that said: “/rw Run. Now! Stop Casting! Yes even a healing spell! Why aren’t you running yet?” – and he still died on each and every single Sonic Boom. I wonder if his characters are stationary, like the VX-001 Anti-personnel assault cannon. Well no… no where near enough firepower.

Now why does it worry me so much that they are having this race? (Apart from my poor little eyes when pictures appear. A certain morbid fascination will probably tempt me to actually open that picture thread.)

Weeeell. Calo (who originally played a hunter – and made my book of good graces when the first words out of his mouth after an Archavon the Stone Watcher kill were “back” … in the time when it was actually hard for us to beat the enrage timer) has set up a raid group. He plans on going into Ulduar, tackle hard modes left and right, blast Onyxia and weave his way through the fights in the Trial of the Crusader with ease. He has posted specific role requirements for his raid (which sounds like a good idea at first, but a person with a negative outlook might assume they are based on maximizing his own personal loot) – one of which is a shaman healer.

And here is the catch. While yes, I can see a shaman levelling to 80 in two weeks rather easily (or even blindfolded, with a cucumber in my mouth, juggling flaming balls of coal in my left hand) I somehow missed how a newly levelled 80 is ready for raidhealing in the currently most challenging content. Not even with easy emblems – they still require heroics to be run. How many? Let’s grant 4 badges to each heroic (which is probably underestimating a little), the set of helmet (58) and chest (58) alone will take 29 runs through an instance. At an optimistic 30 minutes per instance that comes out to roughly 15 hours of constant playtime. For two items. With bugger-all else. No trinkets, no rings, no legs, no ranged-weapon-for-shamans-that-has-a-weird-name.

On a player that can’t move.

I fail to see how this is a good idea.

Did I mention the morbid fascination? I really can’t wait to see how this ends…

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