Saturday, 17 October 2009

Getting Chilly in here...

Blizzard is merging all normal World of Warcraft accounts with accounts. I suppose that is old news. The option to change was there for a good while, though, but with no reason I didn't even consider changing.

Well.. that and the account registration page was more often down than up.

However now they are not takeing any chances any more. People have to change and to make them all feel good about struggling through three webforms and 27 confirmations of terms of service everyone who signs up before ... soon ... will get a free penguin egg mini-pet.

Now of course that meant that I only signed up for last night. My wife had signed up in June or so. When I logged back into the game, I had mail. From someone called Breanni. I also heard some other guildies contemplating their new penguins and saw this message.

Note how our officers show a certain bravery in the face of this threat.
Of course, no one would accuse me of being a bright person - what with getting bashed in the face so much, so ...

Which .. erm.. lead to this:

Now I hate to admit that I wasn't kind of expecting this. Surprisingly enough, though, the rest of guild seemed to be entirely on her side.

Not much symphathy, really. "We don't like you anyway, but while you're around could you let yourself be beat up a bit more?" Hmpf.
Now this alone would almost be a post. However, there is a bit more. I didn't want to suffer endlessly and sought help with customer support - it's what they are there for, after all.

I had sort of expected an anonymous email message that all is working as intended in the next morning. However - the GM in attendance actually not only answered the question, he also admitted to more serious problems with the penguin infestation!
Really good to see that there is a sense of humour left after a whole evening of silly work.

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