Saturday, 3 October 2009

When it rains and all that

So we've been raiding the brewfest boss. Old Coren - same as last year - has turned into a loot-o-rama for all alts. Everyone is trying to grab as many useable trinkets as possible before the brewfest ends. Of course - those with dedicated mains are hoping for one of the mounts. There is, after all, an achievement for collecting them all.
We did a guild-kill there. A bit of an unbalanced group, as it so happens. The recruitment line of "5 people who all can summon - lots of alts preferred - got warlock, got remote" might have had something to do with that. First try - we actually managed to wipe. I mean.. this is old coren we're talking about here. He can be soloed!
Ahem.. with a bit more focus and actually letting the "tank" establish some semblance of aggro we killed him afterwards. Again ... and again... and again. A total of 15 times successfully. Got two kodos, two rams, three tankards o' terror and every trinket except for the dark beer.
Of course - I was not lucky that night. Ah well.

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