Sunday, 11 October 2009

So where are we raiding?

A fair question - a bit of background is probably a good idea.

We are a social guild at heart, really. Those Gevlon makes fun of every week. We're several hundred accounts and have managed not a single 25-man raiding group.

Which is - technically - a lie. We do occasionally do a "once every fortnight" 25-man instance, but the general approach to raiding is horrible very laid back.

We still have people who go afk every 5 minutes, we have the usual share of DPS below the tank and we got healers who cannot heal more than one target. Ever.

As we got the numbers, it doesn't mean we don't have a few people who want more, though. Some of the wander off to proper raiding guilds, some stick with the other people who call raiding "serious business" (I can't do the proper leet-speak, sorry).

Currently 3 2 10-man raid groups survived. With baby breaks, water-polo teams and burnout some raidgroups collapse occasionally. Our two remaining static 10-mans have done most of Ulduar (I think both are still missing Yogg-thingy, cleared Trial of Champions (10, most certainly not heroic) and one-shotted Onyxia and her latest incarnation. Another group is working on Sartharion 3D the "proper" way - even if we tried, we'd probably not have the DPS group for a full zerg online at any one time.

We are currently in the "60 wipes under our belt and getting better" phase. It takes a good bit of learning effort - I am in the thankless position of adds tank on that one (and have to say that warriors probably have the easiest job there, no matter what other classes want to tell you). The curve is steep.

Better players probably figure out instantly that the first spawn of whelps coincides with the second flame wall and that they will all go for the most inconvenient healer - took me several tries to notice.

Better DPS will probably beat up the drakes faster - we are now in the stage where we get Tenebron killed every time and manage to get Shadron to 8% (although that is the "best so far" mark - and we didn't repeat it on the next go). Our two healers are currently struggling with keeping the main tank alive through the flame breaths

In theory we just need a bit better DPS, or a bit of a better cooldown rotation, but we're just not there yet

So the state where we are at is easily described: the best of us can do Sartharion 2D without much trouble, Sartharion 3D is beyond our grasp. We can do Hearthbreaker and Steelbreaker, but we can't do Hodir in the shortened timer for extra loot

The worst of us .. well.. it's hard to describe. I had the pleasure (and it really was good fun) of doing a 10-man Naxx with our new arrivals at level 80 today.

That would be the second row of frogger-slimes.

And here is the third row - same person.

How often do you see two fail-angels of the same person on Frogger, though?

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