Tuesday, 27 October 2009

I had no idea Spacegoat-girls were that hot!

Honestly. I always thought the laugh of the blood elf chicks would actually win out. How wrong I was.

Data grabbed from here – again.

Now me, personally, I play both males and females. If I see my little toon wiggle around in the middle of the screen for several days in my life (no .. I’m too afraid to check the actual /played stats for my characters), I don’t mind them looking attractive.

With the current trend of boob-enhancing armour that means I have more female than male characters by now, I think. Of course.. being on the alliance side my options are a bit limited. There are the Macarena dancing humans, the silly wobbly-eared elfies, the adorable little gnomes – chosen more for pure cuteness rather than sex-appeal, and the space goats. We do not talk about dwarf females (and look: the statistics agree with me there). In fact.. we’d go so far as to recommend the Lord of the Rings mode of gender selection: human male/female, elf male/female, dwarf (no choice of gender possible).

Do I dare draw conclusions from this? I’m not sure…

I mean – I have no idea how many female players are in WoW at the moment. Is it like my university courses where we had about one in eight? Is it like real life, where there seem to be lots and lots of attractive females in town all day long and I never notice any males?

One thing is certain, however – my dwarf male warrior will have fierce competition finding a suitable mate, if I ever want to go and roleplay a wedding. Unless I go for space-goat.


  1. M'Pocket Tank made a very jolly looking dorf female - of course, she was a hunter, what what, and she looked a bit like she ought to be wearing jodpurs but she was not, err, uncomely.

    Also my theory is that it comes down to absurdity of male toon. I reckon the only reason there are more female spacegoats than male ones is because male spacegoats look genuinely *absurd*. I hadn't a spacegoat warrior called Woad for a while but he was such a lumbering fool I gave up on him.

  2. I did not say dwarves were un... hmm... actually I can't get myself to even say they are "comely".

    I know my wife has a dwarf priest - but we made her, because back in the day dwarf priests were the only ones with fearward. You rolled a dwarf or you were not a proper priest.

    We all love her for still having it/her fine dwarf every time the easter bunny achievement calls for one, though.

  3. Ah Koch I think the question you should be asking is... just how ugly are Male Draenei?