Saturday, 4 December 2010

20 days of WoW - Day 6: Favourite Dungeon

A three part question if I've ever seen one! This clearly needs to be answered in a way that avoids all mention of Uldaman. It still makes me froth to think about it (although rumor has it it's a bit better these days - and I completely lost track of which level range it's supposed to be in anyway).

1) Old World

There are quite a few good ones here - but all my perception of them is tinted with years old "experience". I have to say that in retrospect I begin to like Blackrock Depths more and more - the feel of a whole city complete with bar and grill is nice. I do enjoy Schomolance a lot - the whole boss encounter at the end is quite nicely done.

The favourite, though, will probably be Zul'Farak for a while. Specifically because of the pyramid event.

This little tranquil scene soon turns into an escort mission.  Of sorts. Not very far - just down the steps of the pyramid. And while all looks peaceful when you get to the edge ...

It doesn't stay peaceful. A whole army of monsters spawns there. So many, that it completely caught my breath the first time I saw them (back in ... oh no matter). Still looks amazing. Well.. and you can ride after a wipe - always good.

2) The Outlands

Only slightly harder this one. I think they become "better" now that they are a bit in the past. Some of those were run too often due to the gearing system in The Burning Crusade. Ah well.

My favourite instance was the Arcatraz. Longish introduction, quest that required completing two instances just to get a key and all that aside, it clearly had the single best NPC character in the outlands.

If you haven't been to the Arcatraz yet, you should really head over there. Millhouse is a friendly NPC to help you on the last boss fight. And back in the day he was valuable. Incredibly valuable. Some people would rather sacrifice a party member then let Millhouse die.

3) Wrath of the Lich King

I'll just be lazy and do a link-back to my own post here. I know that Trial of the Crusader/Champion was not very well recieved by the majority of players - and yes, it does have stupid moments. However, the sheer joy of running down things on horseback in heavy armour with a lance remains. As someone who likes playing plate-melee classes, I can just appreciate this. Knight-style combat. As it should be.

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