Friday, 24 December 2010

20 Days of WoW: Day 8 - Favourite guild name you’ve come across?

It's almost Christmas (Happy Loot-Day everyone!) so there is plenty of time to post between eating calories - lots of them - and drinking more calories.

I seem to have gotten stuck on the "20 days" post series when a cataclysmic event shattered my concentration (Brilliant, eh? eh? Yeah, I thought so, too).

So .. back on track with the favourite guild names:

My favourite choice so far is still "Oh crap leggit". However, it seems the guild does not exist any more. Wether that was due to a disband or because some weird person thought it not politically correct to have "crap" on his twelve-year olds screen (who probably murdered 80.000 humanoids before he noticed the name - ah well) I cannot say. I think that probably disqualifies them.

I'll go with [Error Loading Guild Name], which seems to exist several times by now. And which would not confuse me so much, if I didn't see a lot of "Unknown" people when logging in on a busy day.

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