Friday, 17 December 2010

Random Cataclysm

No time to continue this 20 days thing at the moment... there are new worlds to be slain and new enemies to be conquered. Or some such. There always has to be time for things I found, though, and because I feel exceptionally generous, there is also going to be a "massively important tip"TM included.

1) Daily quests and crafting cooldowns!

Now call me old-fashioned. Call me overly sensitive. But I do not think that he was giving me a compliment there! The result of handing in some Forged Documents for the Inscription quest. Doable once per day. And.. it resets at 24.00 server time. Like all other cooldowns. So while technically my truegold transmute might state that it is only three hours 21 minutes to the next application - it'll still be once per 24 hours.

2) Quests are amazingly good fun!

I know some people tend to gloss over quest text. I would not even say I am immune to that. Especially on the 26th alt running through the same area again and again. However, new stuff is new and thus good and sacred and holy and should be consumed like a fine champagne - from the shoe of a naked lady - carefully and enjoying the whole thing.

Example from the random screenshot selection?

3) Professions training!

There are new crafting things. Some of them give more than one skillpoint at once.

In the example above: Hardened Elementium Girdle would give +5 skill points, the Bloodied Pyrium Belt and Gauntlets are guaranteed +1 skill point (orange colour), the Bloodied Pyrium Bracers and the Redsteel Breastplate would most likely give +1 skill point (yellow) and the Rough Copper Vest would not give any skillgains whatsoever (sad but true).

There is one case I have found so far where this is actually requires attention.

Namely: Alchemy. When at 500 skill level, both the trinket and the reusable flask become available. Whatever you do, craft the flask first! You'll get +5 for it. The trinket will give you another +5 at 505 skill, the flask will be yellow then.

Flask first, then trinket. Honest. It'll save you money! Thanks Issy for pointing it out.

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