Sunday, 5 December 2010

20 days of WoW - Day 7: Favourite Minipet

A tricky question this one. Do I actually have a favourite minipet? I don't think so - but because that is a bit short, let me provide a bit more detail.

I got a few shiny minipets. Some of them are quite cute - or come with a story of amazing discovery or some such. I have to admit that I collected them mainly for the achievement points, though. The ones that have the most "work" associated with them are my Kirin Tor Familiar and Mr. Pinchy, I think.

And yet, I'd never pull them out in an instance. I know that theoretically they were fixed a LONG LONG time ago, but let me tell you a story about Lower Blackrock Spire.

Better grab a hot drink and a blanket, though.. it's been a long time ago...

Anyway. When I was but a little nipper, we used to raid Lower Blackrock. Yes, it's only a 5 man instance these days, but back then it was possible to go there with 10 people. Just to have some additional safety. Sure.. less loot in total, but you'd actually have a chance to beat those groups of 6 angry orcs then.

After the groups had cleared the first room and pulled the patrol in the corridor leading to the proper Lower Blackrock, you'd work your way over ropebridges and past orcs. Lots of orcs. More orcs than there are today (with patch 4.0.3 the old instances were "streamlined", resulting in a lot less trash. Give them a try one of these days). And then, after you had cleared the first bit of ogres, you'd reach the trolls.

And no one in their sane mind would fight all of them. There were just too many groups. So people always always always took the shortcut.

Sorry about the messy UI there, but I needed the healthbars to display. Two hops (cunningly indicated by red arrows) would bring the whole group down into a "staging area" for the assault on the trolls. Hunters were usually warned to dismiss their pets (and sometimes forgot), warlocks were told they'd be kicked if they didn't get rid of their demons ... but someone always forgot about their little tabby cat. And it would follow the yellow brick road.

Of course it would aggro those orcs. And then run down the rest of the ramp.

And into there, dragging orcs, running into all of the trolls, shouting for help and finally deciding to cross the ramp and meet up with its owner. Who was probably by now buffing up and listening to a hunter rant about how their sabretooth cat lost happiness from being dismissed.

"What you fail to realize is my minipet ... is dragging mines!"

And that is why I don't usually have any of them out.


Okay, I make two exceptions:

My little squire with his pony bridle can do bank runs. That is just useful. And I like useful minipets. I'd love one of those.

And of course there is always:

Which our baby seems to love. And he calls it his "Molted Core Hound". And it's one of those words he definitely has to know when he goes to school - every baby should learn that. Clearly.


  1. Mr Pinchy...3rd pool, 2nd cast, 1st bag...I will never forget that lol

    Got to laugh at the kitten pulling the entire instance lol.

    I see that in Scarlet Monestry now they have 'Scarlet Renegades' who will help you fight the's just too streamlined tbh.

    I mean, were supposed to be using CC properly now, but why bother if the trash is reduced and theres adds to help you?

    As for my Fav pet...I can;t decide atm, Deathy is getting a lot of use, but so is Withers, Sunflower and Mr Grubbs.

    I'm looking forward to the Crawling Hand Shadowpreisty! :)

  2. Hahaha it took me ages to work out your mini pet picture was supposed to be a bird..
    I was going with tadpole (the polite version) meets pacman on stilts.
    Useful mini pets are useful.

  3. Call me a Daily Mail reader but I feel uncomfortable having a small child following me around. I keep expecting to walk through Dalaran accompanied by rotten fruits and accusations of grooming. Also the small orc is WAY CUTER than the kid.