Sunday, 26 December 2010

20 Days of WoW - Day 9: Which race/class combination are you most like in RL?

It's a bit like painting a self-portrait, isn't it? Do I paint myself with soft focus, from a distance, behind a shrubbery or do I go with the brightly illuminated, well designed setup and some boob-tape?

Now, I'm no Ferraro (fake or otherwise), so I think I won't get around a description that fits well. Ah yes, here we are.

Less hair, overall, and nowhere near as fit as the dwarven male model, but I think the dwarf race suits me best. Dark and rich, or was it stout and bitter?

Now with the body shape out of the way, that only leaves class. And here we might have a slight discrepancy. I would never voluntarily put myself in harms way - not even to protect others. Do I look silly?

No wait.

Ignore the picture above.

Think of something else.

Right, now ... pink rhinozeros? If you have to.

Do I look silly?

I'd much rather stab someone in the back than hit a shield in their face. That way I'll also never have to find out if they are unarmed, or something.

Dwarf Rogue. That's the verdict. Possibly warlock - because of the extraordinary hats.

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  1. Boob Tape...go with the boob tape, oh, not that sort?