Sunday, 26 December 2010

The deafening roar of chickens in choppers...

So there are cooking daily quests in Stormwind these days. The ideal class is - as always - druid, as they can shift into angry walrus form. Of course, using anything to increase run or swim speed in water also works. And when I saw this shiny image ...

I knew that fish meant business. I mean ... piranha with swords, that's pretty much the same as weaponized shark.

And then I stumbled across this in the wild: Just northwest of Thunderbluff on the mountains separating Mulgore from Stonetalon Mountains are a bunch of rabbits. Hunting Prairie Dogs. With axes!

It's just like the song...


  1. I'd say you we're under the influence one night, but a screenie is a screenie...I'm taking no chances now, just gonna burn every critter that strays within 20 feet of me.

  2. I knew it! They _are_ going to introduce gnome hunters with a rabbit starter pet after all.

    And you all mocked me when I suggested it!

    *polishes crystal ball*

  3. I caught the reference even without the inclusion of the song. Such a classic...and clearly an in-game conspiracy.